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What could we accomplish if we reclaimed our power – individually and collectively?

“Choosing empowerment is a willingness to accept that you are
totally responsible for your part of our collective creation,”

says Jacqueline Lloyd, metaphysical teacher, natural disaster expert, and author of The Thief of Sacred.

Jacqueline has devoted over two decades to studying metaphysical philosophy and the concept of convergence. Her message today is simple: we must pay attention to what is happening around us and take back our power to change it.

We tend to put power outside of ourselves: a parent wounded us, a politician screwed us, a spouse ruined us, or a mean and judgmental God somewhere “out there” insists on heaping more suffering on us and our planet.

What could we accomplish if we stopped blaming others and took responsibility – power – for our lives?  

In addition to her work as a metaphysical teacher and author, Jacqueline is a wife, mother to one daughter, animal lover and activist, community activist, political junkie, and tireless crusader for families in need in and around her home in southern California. Her ranch is a sanctuary for rescued horses and other animals.

Jacqueline is active in local politics and holds strong opinions on the federal government and its role in disaster relief. She is an excellent source for stories related to natural disasters, especially California wildfires.


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